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Why I'm Running

Growing up in Gwinnett County, my new American story was made possible thanks to the unwavering support of my family and our Georgia community.


My parents took a chance in 1981, crossing an ocean and working hard every day for the chance at a better life. They sacrificed daily because they believed that educational opportunity was the key to the American Dream.


Thanks to them, I was able to go from kindergarten at Gwinnett County Public Schools to graduating on scholarship at Princeton University, where I gained real-world public policy experience alongside State Department diplomats. Since then, I've worked alongside responsible business owners in the private sector, and I spend my career fighting for education and healthcare for every Georgia family, teacher, and child - right here at home.


But today, for way too many Georgians, the American Dream that kept my family going is slipping further and further out of reach.


Over half of our kids won't read proficiently by the third grade, yet the folks in charge at the Gold Dome continue to chronically underfund our schools and back half-baked measures to disrupt their funding and governance.


Over 600,000 Georgians remain uninsured, yet our leaders seem more interested in bickering with the federal government than taking common-sense steps to make quality healthcare affordable for all.

And now, more than ever, we need to stand up for the truth, fight against the Big Lie - and defend every Georgian's constitutional right to vote.

Gwinnett deserves leaders who understand our community and our issues and who can pull us all together to deliver real results - not just highlight our differences to drive us apart.

I've got a proven track record of working with state, local, and federal leaders to deliver results for our community - whether helping our youngest learners read through the early childhood literacy non-profit I founded or standing up for living wages for our hardworking neighbors as a Trustee of the Gwinnett County Public Library.

So come join our team, and let's take the fight to the Gold Dome! Let's stand up for our next generation and invest in a positive vision for Georgia, where every child has the support they need to achieve their own American Dream!

Meet JT

JT is a lifelong Georgian raised in Gwinnett County who's seen the world and is proud to still call House District 97 his home. The son of Asian-American immigrants, JT grew up in historic Duluth and now lives in the vibrant city of Norcross - just a stone's throw away from the thriving cities of Peachtree Corners and Berkeley Lake.


JT's story is living proof of the American Dream. His parents crossed an ocean and came to America in 1981, sacrificing daily for a better life. He's a product of the selfless generosity of our Gwinnett community, from his first day of kindergarten at Chattahoochee Elementary School all the way to graduating on scholarship from Princeton University.

As the first-ever Asian-American on the Gwinnett County Public Library Board and the founder of an early childhood literacy nonprofit teaching kids to read, JT's running to make sure the next generation of Georgians will have the same opportunities he had growing up - high-quality education, good healthcare, and HOPE for a brighter future.

JT Wu for Georgia Headshot.jpeg

Get Involved

We're building a movement to create lasting change and opportunity for Georgia's next generation!


Sign up to help us fight for a better Georgia and a better Gwinnett - together!


House District 97

House District 97 is a beautiful slice of Gwinnett County and hosts four amazing cities within its borders.


Whether you're looking to explore the vibrant bustle of Peachtree Corners, take in a relaxing day on the water in Berkeley Lake, sip a slow-roasted cup of coffee and people watch in historic downtown Norcross, or take in Food Truck Friday or the wonderful new library by the green in bustling downtown Duluth, our District has something for everyone!


With your support, we can keep our district going strong - and it would be an honor to serve as your State House Representative for this community I grew up in and still proudly call my home.

You can see the boundaries for our new House District 97
and search your address by clicking here!

You can see the boundaries for our new House District 97 below,
and search your address by
clicking here!

While litigation is still pending and these maps aren't yet FINAL, you can see the proposed boundaries for our new House District 97 and search your address by clicking here!

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